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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Leeds v Carlisle preview part 2

So I was a bit premature with my comments on the lack of transfer activity as Lee Trundle arrived at Leeds on a months loan yesterday.  Trundle has definitely got the skills and goal scoring pedigree for this league so it could turn out to be an inspired signing by Larry................There's no truth in the rumour that Greggs the Baker have secured a double sponsorship deal for him and Robbo though!
Looking forward to the match as I am becoming more confident in the new regime................I might even be tempted to bet on a clean sheet today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The match report won't appear until 11am Sunday as we are celebrating my Dad's 80th birthday straight after the match.


Peter said...

You were right about the clean sheet, pity it was for Carlisle though!!!

Looking forward to hearing your first-hand report. Were we bad, unlucky or what?

Should I remain optimistic or am I going to be disappointed again this season??


Marching on Together said...

Yes the clean sheet comment bit me on the bum.......especially as it was two ex Leeds players who spoiled the prediction!
I think optimism is draining away. The key is in resolving the defensive holes. If we don't do that we will drift into mid to lower table obscurity.

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