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Monday, 26 October 2009

Bristol Rovers v Leeds Utd preview

Bristol on a Tuesday night is a logistical nightmare. Mr Grayson and his charges have stayed down south licking their wounds after Saturday's disappointing defeat in the Lions den in order to prepare for the "game in hand" that will hopefully put a bit more daylight between us and the pack. Any loss is difficult to take so I'm hoping we can redress things with a confidence building performance and win at the home of the Pirates. They've not had the best of runs of late and indeed lost to their West country rivals from Yeovil on Saturday so we could be facing a wounded Tiger or a battered Kitten depending how they react to losing 3 games on the bounce. I can see another tight game coming with a squeaky bum finish hopefully not in the fashion of last years "snatching a draw from the jaws of a win" style?
So onto the predictions for tomorrow:
1. Casper will age me at least 5 years every time a ball comes into the Leeds box.
2. Bradders will continue his rich vein of scoring.
3. Leeds will win 2:1, we seem to have more chance of finding a clean sheet in a Soho brothel of late.
4. Sam Vokes will notch his first goal.

Fingers crossed.
PS Due to getting home around 2am and going to work at 7am the report won't appear until Wed evening I'm afraid. Sorry guys.

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