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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Curse of the Pharaohs or just a blip in form?

Since the shambolic performance on Tuesday night I've been trying to rationalise just what has gone wrong with Leeds' form since the start of the year. When we travelled to OT for our historic clash with the Salford Yanks we were sitting pretty at the top of the league 11 points to the good in front of 3rd placed Norwich. Since then we have harvested a meagre 6 points from 7 games and dropped to 2nd place.
Is it a severe case of FA Cup hangover? Have the two new loan stars upset the team balance and spirit? Were we just lucky to be at the top all along and we really are crap? Are we just a very average side without Kissy and Beckford? All of these suggestions have a grain of truth but it still didn't add up?
Then it struck's my fault. I had selfishly taken Mrs MOT to the Red Sea and Egypt over Xmas and in doing so missed 3 games. One of them was against Stockport County. The last one before the start of the blip! And that's when I remembered..................when Leigh Bromby hit that spectacular goal against the Hatters I was inside one of the great Pyramids at Giza listening to the myth behind the curse of the Pharaohs at the very time the Happy Chocker's text came through with the good news of Mr Bromby's strike. Since that moment, with the exception of the FA Cup, we've coughed and spluttered and lost all our momentum!
So sorry guys it's my fault!
Probably a more realistic view is the lack of Kissy's influence at the back and Beckfords goals up front have been the major factor in Leeds temporary fall from grace. Hopefully the bandaged one will be back in harness ready for Saturday's crucial match against the ladyboys from Brighton. We need the pre Xmas confidence that was oozing through the team to return quickly. Maybe all we need is a couple of goals or more to the point some more direct play once we get in the final third of the pitch. One thing for sure fingernails are going to be in short supply for Leeds fans from here on in! Funny..............I believe we've been here before?
Roll on the Ladyboys.
Can't wait.

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Bob Morse said...

your forgiven!!
It might have something more to do with performance of the boys!

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