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Monday, 3 May 2010

LAFTA Results

Good morning blog readers.
Here is the confirmation of the results from Saturday's LAFTA awards:

1. Best Atmosphere at an away league game award.

a. Tranmere

b. Walsall #

c. Leyton Orient

2. The "Didn't he used to play for Leeds, remind me why did we let him go? Award

a. Jonny Douglas #

b. Dan Harding

c. Sean Gregan

3. The "Why did I bother coming to this game? award.

a. Gillingham away

b. Swindon away #

c. Exeter City away

4. The "Who the hell is he and why has he got a Leeds shirt on" loan player award

a. Shane Lowry

b. Tony Capaldi #

c. Hogan Ephriam

5. The "Leeds player who's most like a fan, ie would die for the cause and still turn up the following week"

a. Paddy Kisnorbo

b. Andy Hughes #

c. Robert Snodgrass

6. The "Wish we had him" award for the league one player most covetted by Leeds fans

a. Grant Holt, Norwich City

b. Wes Hoolihan, Norwich City #

c. Anthony Pilkington, Huddersfield Town

7. The Michael Palin award for most enterprising method of getting to an away match.

a. Turkey Twizzler’s jaunt to Southampton away

b. My trek to Carlisle in the JPT

c. Norway based ST holder who fly’s to every home game! #

8. The Michael Jackson award for the weirdest opposing fan met during the 2009/2010 season.

a. Only one nomination guessed it the transvestite Spurs fan living in Hartlepool #

9. The "Are you watching Mr Ferguson because your 108 minutes of added time have just finished and we've still beaten you 1.0 at the Theatre of Shite" award

a. Sir Alex Rednose #

b. Sir Alex Rednose #

c. Sir Alex Rednose #

10. Comedy moment of the year. On the pitch

a. Clayton Ince conducting a chorus of MOT in the Walsall goal #

b. Perm any one of Enoch’s many spectacular attempts on the corner post

c. The policeman who collapsed in a heap as he tried to vault a temporary fence at Carlisle

11. Comedy moment of the year. Off the pitch.

a. Big Jon Page’s bare chested TV moment at Carlisle

b. Happy Chocker’s dance with Mr Fatty at Walsall

c. Beefy’s face when we realised the Spurs fans was wearing knee length boots and a skirt. #

12. Player of the Year award

a. Paddy Kisnorbo 54%

b. Lucciano Becchio 18%

c. Robert Snoddgrass 16%

13. The LAFTA’s special award for the best single contribution of the season goes to

· Jermaine Beckford for that know the one that pissed off all those plastic fans at the Theatre of Shite #

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