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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Roast Swan anyone?

There is nothing as sweet as a Saturday matchday morning filled full of anticipation and excitement at the prospect of seeing another mighty whites victory.  This is a time when all the worries and pressures of work can take a back seat.  It's a time when all those "must do" diy jobs once again seem to get shunted to the end of the to do list. This is the time when you decide which replica shirt will adorn your slightly worn body. For thousands of proper football fans this is the Saturday morning norm.  This what God invented Saturday mornings for.  Alright he didn't anticipate the advent of TV scheduling disrupting kick off times but in essence he got it just about spot on.

Today's game is the start of 3 games in a week finishing with the televised trip to Donny on Friday night with the meat in the sandwich the journey to our South Yorkshire chums at Barsnley, tha knows.   Although it's still early in the season this will be a defining period in the first half of the campaign. 7 points or more gained by the time News at Ten starts on Friday night will mean we are well and truly rooted in the promotion positions and the hordes of Whites fanatics will start to believe this could just be another promotion year.  Key to this week's success will lie firmly on a strong performance by the defence in front of the inspirational Schmeichel.
Harold Wilson once said "a week is a long time in politics"  Something tells me this week could reflect the same thoughts about Leeds United?

So this morning I enter the well worn Saturday morning routines contemplating Leeds' latest challenge against the Welsh Swans.  Last time we played Glamorgan's finest at the Liberty Stadium I had the "pleasure" of seeing Leeds torn to shreds by a porky Mr Robinson and then having our bus window wiped out by a brick thrown by one of Swansea's intelligentsia.  Not a good day.  This time though Leeds go into the match buoyed by the confidence of a 3 match unbeaten league run that includes victories over Wall and Watford and against a team that has a severe case of travel sickness in the league.  Their last victory on the road was way back in March, ironically against Watford.  So with healthy competition for places in the Leeds ranks and an expectant home crowd I think I can reasonably look forward to a delicious feast of Roast Swan swilled down with a few pints of Capt Birdseye's finest ales. 2.0 Leeds will do nicely.
Yum Yum.
Can't wait!

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