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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Darlo preview

This preview is dedicated to Turkey Twizzler.
We play Darlo in the Paint Pot Cup tonight and with all due respect to the sponsors & Luke nobody gives a flying fig about the competition as will be shown by the attendance at ER tonight. I shall be there as ever along with about 6 to 7,000 other die hards and that will be a large crowd in comparison with the turn out at other grounds around the country. The JPT in it's original conception was designed to give lower league teams a chance of cup glory but in my opinion it has failed to capture the imagination of the vast majority of fans....................unless you count the final when you can be sure that both finalists will suddenly find around 20,000 loyal fans who want a trip to Wembley. I'll be honest I would be slightly embarrassed if we got there. I mean it would be plainly daft singing WACCOE at the JPT Final wouldn't it?
Looking out of the window the weather seems to have the same opinion of the trophy as the sky is as grey as a battleship and the rain is teeming down. Should be fun tonight!
Darlo are currently propping up the entire league and have numerous off the field problems so they should have more chance of winning the FA Cup than they do of winning at ER tonight..................but we all know football is a funny old game and with the likely pairing of Enoch and Tresor leading the line it will make for interesting viewing. One request.............if it's 0.0 after 90 minutes will someone send an ambulance to N4 in the kop at ER............because I will have just slit my wrists!

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