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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Leeds v Darlo, JPT

I was on my own tonight as the Happy Chocker had decided to give this massive game a miss. Mmmm he wasn't a bad judge. I did bump into big Steve and his daughter in the Kop bar and dissected Saturday's performance again whilst quaffing a much needed pint. Apparently George had chosen his X Box over a chance to watch the mighty whites? A custodial offence if ever there was one!
Once in the ground the vast swathes of empty seats told you all you needed to know about the popularity of this competition, only 8,000 bothering to turn out on an awful West Yorkshire evening.
The team as expected contained lot's of changes from Saturday with Tresor and Grella starting up front, Aidey White in mid field and Prutts given a central role. The fans favourite, Robbo, got a rare starting spot and with it an opportunity to justify the fans belief that he should be given more game time. So with the rain pouring down and a weakened Leeds side taking on the league's bottom team I started to wonder just why I was here? But as the match got under way the initial entertainment was decent with Tresor standing out up front and Killa having free reign in the centre of mid field. All the early action was at the far end of the pitch as Leeds built up a head of steam and we settled back for a decent serving of goals. Leeds didn't disappoint as first Robbo with a deflected free kick and then Tresor with an unstoppable shot guided the whites into a 2:0 comfortable lead. General opinion around me was that Enoch would have smashed the windows in the hospitality boxes with the same chance..........harsh but probably true. Grella was busying himself up front without actually looking threatening. I'm afraid if he's not going to cut the mustard against Darlo then he's always going to struggle in League 1!
Just when I was thinking whether to have a burger or hot dog at HT Darlo scored with a strange goal that bounced off the shins of the Darlo striker after Casper and Hughes just seemed to be motionless. 2.1
Tresor was replaced at HT, which puzzled most fans, but apparently he had a case of the dehli belly and on came Enoch.
All I shall say about the 2nd half is that it was poor. Leeds didn't keep possession as they should and time and again gave the ball back to their eager opponents. In the end we were hanging on for the final whistle when we should have been coasting by 2 or 3 goals. David Somma came on for a brief debut before pulling his hamstring. Bradders came on into the centre mid field but it was all disjointed and horrible. Enoch managed to chase down another long ball in added time only to be downed by their keeper who saw red for his troubles. And that was it. Larry will not be happy with the performance. The Robbo's and Grella's of this world missed an opportunity to shine tonight against a poor League 2 side and give the boss a selection dilemma..........but for me both failed miserably.
To cap it all the stewards in the kop seemed to be particularly active tonight, I know not why.
All in all a very disappointing end to a game that started brightly. Worse was to come though as I heard that Becchio has broken his ankle which will be a big blow. So take you pick from Tres, Grella or Enoch. Who's it going to be?
Tresor Kandol.....scored a f****** great the scouse shit hole..........enough said.

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