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Friday, 30 October 2009

Yeovil at home, Halloween at home and other musings!

When we dropped into the 3rd tier of English football there weren't many Leeds fans who thought we would still be asking the question "Where's Yeovil?" 3 seasons later. But tomorrows visitors to the Theatre of Hope are a timely reminder that football is a great leveller and 3 points against the men from deepest Somerset will be greeted with just as much glee as a win against the likes of Aston Villa, Spurs and West Ham would have brought not so long ago.
The men in green arrive at ER with an indifferent record and if Leeds can pick up where they left off at Bristol on Tuesday then they will be in for another damn good thrashing as they did last year. Our impressive goal difference could well receive another boost if things go to plan and with both Charlton and Colchester facing tricky away games at Carlisle and Millwall respectively we could be howling with delight come Saturday night.

That leads nicely into Halloween and the season of trick or treats and ghouls and witches. It got me thinking of which footballers wouldn't need to get dressed up for a trip round their neighbourhood trick or treating?
I'm sure you can think of plenty but here are just a few to get you going!

More speculation over Beckfords future surfaced after his stellar performance at Bristol. Not surprising when you watch the way he turned the unfortunate Bristol defender inside out before knocking in his second and decisive goal at the Memorial ground. So I suppose we will just have to get used the same old copy being regurgitated with each goal he sores up to the transfer window opening again after Xmas. Not sure anyone will pay good money for something they could get for free in the summer though.

Commiserations to all Codhead fans (Hull) out there.
I am so sad to here of your financial & managerial problems after you've all been so understanding over our fall from grace. I do hope you sort things out soon. In the meantime I look forward to meeting you on the pitch again next year to renew our so called rivalry! Chin up lads.

After my spookily accurate predictions at the Bristol match my initial forecast for tomorrows game is a comfortable 3:0 win for the whites............... but if I get any vibes during the match of goals about to be the Tweeting!

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